Meryl Streep and Julia Child: Apples and Oranges

Variety reports that Meryl Streep will be playing Julia Child in a Nora Ephron confection. While Ms Streep is an actress of the first rank, the choice of her to play Julia Child is peculiar because they were at opposite sides of the great food divide. Ms. Child was a person who valued taste in food and taught an adoring public how to make it better. Ms Streep, on the other hand, was a willing tool in the politicization of the way food is grown, serving as a high profile spokeswoman for environmental partisans who falsely suggested to petrified parents that they were killing their children by feeding them Alar-treated apples and apple products, a stunt which cost apple growers a lot of money, and for which she has never apologized let alone offered any recompense.If you've never visited the website, I urge you to do so. It has the most detailed and readable site for tracking who's supporting what. Here's what they say about the Alar scare:Following the...(Read Full Article)