How to Pay for the Dem Convention: Survivor, the Nomination

The Honorable John W. Hickenlooper Mayor's OfficeDenver, ColoradoDear Mayor Hickenlooper:I read that your efforts to raise funds for the 2008 Democratic National Convention are falling far short of your needs, that you will need to raise $40.6 million by June 16 in order to pay the expenses occasioned by the August 25-28 convention in your city.I am sure you have lots of very good ideas about how to do this, but as an experienced fund raiser myself and as someone sympathetic with your plight, I wonder if I might be so bold as to offer up a few suggestions you may not have considered?Announce you'll give donors a chance to bid on the right to film the convention as the last, best in the Survivor Contests. There will of course be two tribes: The Obamamites and the Clintonites. And, in keeping with the Survivor series theme, this will be an Immunity Challenge. Whichever team wins will get immunity from what used to be called "The Tribal Council", but which for the sake of...(Read Full Article)