Cultural Affirmative Action

In a way, I prefer the old, overt affirmative action.  While it was government-sanctioned discrimination, at least it was, in some measure, more honest than our cultural affirmative action.  There is such a thing.  It's when people in the market and media privilege others -- sometimes unconsciously -- based upon the latter's identification with a "victim group." Probably a majority of Americans in some degree or other practice cultural affirmative action. They have the best of intentions, many feeling an obligation to right history's wrongs. And they point to continuing disparities disadvantaging blacks as a group. So they make an extra effort to be sensitive and maybe once in awhile the ones with power even let their thumb rest on the scale when it comes to redressing past grievancesThis phenomenon is what Geraldine Ferraro referred to recently when she addressed Barack Obama's meteoric political rise and said, "If Obama was a white man, he would not be...(Read Full Article)