Another Unconservative Moment from John McCain

John McCain's unconservativism was on display this past Wednesday in Los Angeles.  Perhaps not in all ways, but in one telling way.  Before a gathering of the World Affairs Council, the Arizona senator outlined his thinking on national security and foreign policy.  The speech's larger elements have received plenty of coverage.  One element did not.   McCain made a stalwart's argument for finishing the job in Iraq.  That's a good thing, and expected.  He made a case for greater collaboration with America's allies.  That's a nod to the prevailing sentiment that Cowboy America needs to become Settler America-you know, an America that spends endless hours over bottomless cups of coffee chatting with allies about what it should do with their permission to defend itself and defeat its enemies.  Call it the "Pretty Please" approach to national security.  And good luck in getting that permission.  One can't help think that...(Read Full Article)