Anger, Forgiveness, and Obama

For months and months the suspense has been palpable.  Here was Barack Obama, the first African American candidate for President of the United States with a chance to win, promising to heal an angry and fractured nation with nothing less than Hope and Unity.But what did he mean?  Was he promising to close up America's racial wounds?  Was he offering to end the era of white guilt?  It was hard to tell.As everyone knows, politicians are forbidden to speak plainly and truthfully to the American people.  Anyone that does so is immediately accused of a "gaffe" and thoroughly humiliated.  So Barack Obama, as a good politician, has been careful not to spell out what he really meant by the code words of Hope and Unity.But last week the Swift-boating of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright by the evil right-wing noise machine forced Obama out into the open.  In a speech given last Tuesday he revealed what Hope and Unity means.It means: Change?  What...(Read Full Article)