What NBC's 'The Office' Gets Right

I'm an addict of NBC's wide-open comedy The Office, currently in reruns thanks to the Writers Guild strike. Based on a British series of the same name, the mockumentary introduces viewers to Dunder Mifflin, a paper supply company, and her incompetent workers. Enter: 1,001 awkward silences. Dysfunctional relationships rule, as in so much comedy, but The Office's Michael Scott (Steve Carrell), the self-praising Scranton regional manager, and imbecile, is also likely to upset hypersensitive Democrats. For one thing, he likes insensitive jokes. Then there's Dwight Schrute, the pasty white, paranoid would-be self-praising assistant to the regional manager. In fact, they all have issues at Dunder Mifflin. Or, "challenges." For example Oscar, the gay Latino who skips work for shopping trips. And because this show offends the thought police, there's even an annoyingly loud and vapid Indian character, Kelly. Meredith the single mother/drunken sex addict/bad parent drinks at...(Read Full Article)