Rampant Islamic Jew-Hatred in Europe

European Commissioner for Justice, Freedom, and Security, Franco Frattini, who is the European Union (EU) official responsible "for combating racism and Antisemitism in Europe," as reported by The Jerusalem Post 2/2/08, has revealed  that Muslims are responsible for fully half (50%) of the documented Antisemitic incidents on the European continent. Demographic data from 2007 indicate that the total number of Europeans is 494.8 million; estimates of the number of Muslims in Europe range from 15-20 million, or some ~3.0-4.0% of the total European population. Thus, on a population percentage basis, Muslims in Europe account for roughly 24.0 to 32.3 times the number of Antisemitic incidents as their non-Muslim European counterparts.These 2007/2008 data are in turn consistent with previous findings from 2006 on the excess prevalence of frank Antisemitism reported amongst European Muslims, published in The Journal of Conflict Resolution by Yale University biostatistician Dr....(Read Full Article)