Obama, The Global Candidate

If Barack Obama fulfills the MSM's storyline of Obama the Dragon Slayer,  a new theme will surface - Obama the Global Candidate.  

In his February 11, 2008 article entitled "Obama, the Democratic Nominee? Yes He Can!" Dick Morris unequivocally declared,

I believe that Barack Obama will defeat Hillary and win the Democratic nomination.
If Morris is right, we should see hints of the next big MSM storyline emerge in the weeks ahead. It could look like this.

Obama will be packaged as the Global Candidate to whom the world's poor and oppressed look for signs of hope for the future. His mixed race and varied national backgrounds symbolize his connectivity with peoples across the planet.  The adulation felt for him beyond America offers the U.S. a chance for enhanced strength and repaired credibility worldwide. Sure, he's an American citizen, but he's also a global citizen, a man of the world.

The MSM will assert that the next president must not just lead the nation and the Western World, but he also must heal the international wounds caused by the Bush administration so that he can lead the world community to address serious global issues. As the MSM projects Obama as the Global President, they'll place before us, in print and on screen, individual people-of-color in Second and Third World countries endorsing him.

The MSM will tell us we need to more seriously consider who the international community wants in our Oval Office. That appeal will score with Americans who hunger to be told we're loved by others.  Obama's speeches have already laid the foundation for the MSM's Global Candidate template. He tells his audiences that their support of him will not only change the nation, but change the world.

The collateral wing of the storyline will predict the world's profound disappointment if Obama loses in November.  Americans will feel guilty if the world awakes the morning after the second Tuesday in November to a President McCain.  And, we'll be told, the world will feel more frightened and distrustful of us than it already is.  The MSM made a similar, but weaker, appeal in 2004 for John Kerry, particularly in reference to European countries.  But Kerry was never close to the international rock star status that Obama has already attained. 

Meanwhile, the MSM will make no effort to peel away the veneer of conceptual vapidity surrounding Obama's seductive oratory. They will not push him for clarity or details.  Instead, they will be his campaign's de facto PR firm.  Rather than probe his intentions, they'll focus on his emotional appeal made via ethereal notions of hope, compassion, love...(cue the inspirational muzak).

In short, the MSM will not require that Obama bring his intentions down from 60,000 feet to runway level.  And, when people enter the polling booth to vote, with regard to Obama it won't be so much "What you see is what you get" as "We're not sure what we saw, or what we'll get, but it sure made us feel good."  Sadly, for some, that will be enough.