The next big MSM storyline

Mark your calendars. The next big MSM storyline on the Democratic candidates surfaced this week and awaits embellishment in the days leading up to the Iowa Caucasus.  Barak Obama, the Dragon Slayer, is the front-runner in Iowa.  

to the Washington Post,
Obama has overtaken Hillary in Iowa.  Couple that with positive comments President Bush made about Hillary in an interview with Charles Gibson -- that Hillary understands the WH pressure of the “klieg lights” -- and the challenger to Hillary has climbed into the ring.  Here’s how the new MSM storyline will play out.

Obama may not be deep in the traditional experiences that qualify one as a potential POTUS, but he has, well… rich life experiences.  He survived the pressures of a challenging life.  He spent growth years in a Muslim country, Indonesia; so he understands international relations from the ground up—not from the academy down.  His Kenyan grandmother links him to a continent with emerging importance in the 21st Century.  He is, in short, a man of the world.

Obama was a troubled teen once, but he focused his life and found success against all the odds.  Today he’s honest about his past, as trustworthiness emerges as his leading qualification for POTUS. Unlike another Presidential candidate from a past era, Obama admits it—he did inhale.  On the campaign trail in New Hampshire, he even offered life-altering wisdom to youth in statements where he admitted liking basketball and girls! He’s a regular guy.

And he’s one of us, too. Obama is someone you could feel comfortable bowling with, according to one media outlet.

So what if his primary legislative experience is in the Illinois Legislature? Once upon a time, another self-made, tall man from the Land of Lincoln had that same background, and look what he did!
Get ready.  Here comes the Dragon Slayer storyline.  Now watch for these photos to appear soon:

o Obama playing basketball, with youth or reporters, on the campaign trail

o His old neighborhood in Indonesia, perhaps with youth shooting hoops

o Rerun of TIME M
agazine’s photo of him with his Kenyan grandmother

o Group photo of the Harvard Law Review staff where he was president