Clinton, Obama and the Social Security Table

The Los Angeles Times reported over the weekend that, as the February 19 Wisconsin primary approaches, Sen. Hillary Clinton released a new ad, entitled "Deserved," criticizing Sen. Barack Obama for not agreeing to a Wisconsin debate.  Then the ad threw out an incendiary charge:The ad also  . . . says [Obama] "might raise the retirement age and cut benefits for Social Security."  That charge refers to televised comments Obama made in May that "everything should be on the table" in trying to resolve projected long-range shortfalls in the huge entitlement program.Obama's "everything on the table" remark and Clinton's use of it nine months later -- after both candidates have had further things to say about Social Security -- presents a useful window on the nature of the Democratic race and the two remaining candidates.  But a little background is necessary to understand why.  Here is the new Obama ad which his campaign...(Read Full Article)