Berkeley at the First Amendment Brink

As a Southerner, I have watched the Berkeley vs. U.S. Marines brouhaha with a very keen interest.  I'm not all that sure those people in Berkeley know what can happen to people who decide to mess around with the United States government.Somebody really ought to clue those folks in with a little reality check.So far, I haven't seen any official calls for their little bayshore city to be surrounded by an armed force of Navy, Marines, Army and National Guard and blockaded from the rest of the country.  But they should take a lesson from the likes of us whose ancestors tried stunts like this in the past, and do a more hasty and substantial retreat before they have to find out for themselves just how hard it can be to face off with the Union.Right now, they seem to be thinking that their little scuffle is with George W. Bush, the man, and not the President of the United States of America.  They seem to be thinking that the Marines are a bunch of unattached mercenaries, and...(Read Full Article)