Barack and Michelle Keeping the Faith

I'm not buying the Obama campaign spin on Michelle Obama's patriotic faux pas this week, any more than I'm inclined to believe that Barack Obama's refusal to wear our flag pin in his lapel is a meaningless gesture.  Both Michelle's stated lack of pride in America until this precise moment in history, and Barack's unwillingness to don our national symbol are in perfect keeping with the doctrines of their church, Trinity United Church of Christ.The simple truth is that if any of us exposed ourselves to the kind of teachings espoused by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years, we might find it downright impossible to do any better than Barack and Michelle in the loving-America category of citizenship.  We probably couldn't summon a whole lot of American patriotism if our brains were  stuffed on a weekly basis with sermons like this:"Racism is how this country (America) was founded and how this country is still run!"or this:"We (Americans) are deeply involved...(Read Full Article)