A Tribute to Herbert Hoover, the Anti-Fascist

Herbert Hoover, who had the misfortune to be in office when the stock market crashed in 1929, has taken far too much blame for the Depression, which Franklin Delano Roosevelt managed to prolong over a decade, until entry into World War II ended unemployment.Question: Was President Herbert Hoover an insensitive isolationist? I'd say it's a question of perspective, really, of open-minded researchers looking at the whole man. But, who am I to think? As an Australian, I admire Hoover, the young geologist/engineer. The brave Republican was also a pioneer. He worked Down Under for some time. And, thanks to men like Hoover, Australia is a relatively rich mining nation. Indeed, if my nation's wild deserts don't break you, they will shape you. It takes character to work in extreme conditions, but Iowa's famous orphan was up to the task. Hoover's humanitarian works in Tianjin, China, during the Boxer Rebellion, were also notable, and because the Republican's independent streak never left him,...(Read Full Article)