A Super Delicate Super Delegate Dilemma

First-rate as it is, our one-man one-vote system can't promise majority contentment in every election.  You needn't reflect back any further than the 2000 Presidential race to evoke the unpleasantness, racial and otherwise, ignited by a popular vote denied its mandate.  But the divisions cleaved by Gore v. Bush would surely pale by comparison should the mainstream approved candidacy of the first black man in history be reversed by a small group of party elites.After all, we live in a society with the virtues of majority rule engrained in its very soul.  It drives our politics.  It drives our laws. It even drives various social decisions.  When it works, it satisfies our sense of fair play and inclusion.  When it fails, whether by irregularities -- real or imagined -- or little understood technicalities, it sparks in us a sense of outrage.Consider that absent the sense of entitlement imparted to Al Gore by his half-million plus vote popular majority, the...(Read Full Article)