The unstated - yet obvious - conclusion the breathless coverage of Sen. Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy conferring their endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama for the presidency is that their endorsement also has the imprimatur of the late John F. Kennedy. Sen. Kennedy and Ms. Kennedy said as much in claiming that nobody in politics has inspired them as much as Sen. Obama has since Jack was roaming the land (tacit approval from The Family in 1992 of Bill Clinton exploiting the photo of him shaking hands with JFK notwithstanding). The "change is in the air" meme is deliberately designed to rekindle memories of 1960, when the handsome, windswept Hyannis prince rescued the sleeping nation from dour Ike and sullen Nixon - or so we are told. Likewise, Sen. Obama shall rescue the outraged nation from the long national nightmare of deceit and warmongering for profit.But even a cursory knowledge of President Kennedy's politics and policies would - or should - leave objective observers...(Read Full Article)