The Mature Christian Voter

You're not ready to call yourself a "mature Christian voter" if ...1. You think Jesus cares about carbon credits. Newsflash: He was a carpenter!2.You think that Jesus calls us to save the earth as opposed to the unborn babies on the earth. 3. You would support Mary's "choice" to abort her unborn baby in a manger.  4. You think that God's humorless. You think that Mitt Romney's Mormons were behind 9/11. 5. You argue that Judgment Day violates the Geneva Convention.  6. You're burning with hot - hot! - rage because daddy's buying little brother an expensive, colorful coat. 7. Your "green pastor" belittles the butch woodchopper I'm dating. 8. You think that God doesn't care too much about sexual promiscuity. Three words: Sodom and Gomorrahcide! 9. You want me to believe that the Bible was written by neo-cons.10. You advance the position that Obadiah's prophecy against Edom was culturally insensitive. 11. Your church pontificates about the sanctity...(Read Full Article)