Romney, Thompson Seek Wyoming 'Big Mo'

Fresh off of disappointing finishes in Iowa, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson are hoping to rebound on Saturday when Wyoming Republicans gather in county conventions across the state to choose delegates to attend the national convention in September.Both candidates shelled out $10,000 each for a precious list of party members who are eligible to participate in the 23 county conventions, and it would appear from press reports that they have been the most active in contacting potential delegates.Convention attendees are mainly precinct committee members, but about a quarter of the total were chosen at precinct caucuses last month. The contest to be a delegate to the Minneapolis-St. Paul convention is wide open. A potential delegate can either have a friend nominate them or they can nominate themselves, at which point, they get a chance to get up and make a statement in favor of their candidacy. It is expected that the delegate candidates will announce their presidential preference in order...(Read Full Article)