Obama, Hillary and Alinsky's Tactics

The emergence of a racial tinge to the Democratic Party nomination fight was all but inevitable, given both Hillary Clinton's and Barack Obama's training as disciples of Saul Alinsky. Hardball tactics right out of Rules for Radicals provide perspective for understanding the unfolding battle. Saul Alinsky, the hero of bloodless socialist revolution in America, was a master at explaining how to patiently use whatever weapons one has to bring about the transfer of power from the Haves to the Have Nots.  Alinsky's definition of the Haves was broad and rather ill-defined; he simply called the Haves the "establishment."  He included all those whom he believed stood in the way of his re-ordered vision.  People with money.  People with status.  People in government.  People in the corporate board rooms.  Unsympathetic people in the media.  The lawyers. The doctors. The merchants.  Non-unionized...(Read Full Article)