Obama and the Childish Left

What adult would vote for a totally untested presidential candidate by falling in love? Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich,  Senator Joe Biden, and a million other Democrats -- that's who. The New York Times stable of Leftie pundits is reliving the Decade of Love.  The Washington press corps has the teenie bopper hots over Barack Obama -- such a romantic name. A real African! Almost. What does he believe? What has he actually done? Uhmmmm... Well... It's Son of Camelot! And he's got the youth vote! Children just know these things!   This is straight out of Dumb and Dumber. If you despaired about the media's endless love affair with Bill Clinton, the Master of Slick, because he Cares About  You, you'll get to revisit those feelings now. For we have a new national idol! The Good ParentChildren often have fantasies about a Good Parent -- one who loves you and takes care of you forever and ever, who forgives  your transgressions whatever they may be, who demands...(Read Full Article)