NYT's Paul Krugman Sees Europe Through the Looking Glass

The New York Times once again gets it exactly backwards.  Star op-ed columnist (and Princeton University professor) Paul Krugman tries to paint Europe as doing better than the U.S. economically, and he credits that to its big government ways.  The facts are that Europe is not really doing all that great and that those countries that are doing better are generally the ones with recent cuts in government spending and with lower, flatter taxes.In the New York Times of January 11, Paul Krugman calls Europe the "Comeback Continent".  He contrasts the Europe of a few decades ago with that of today and with the US. "It's true that Europe has had a lot of economic troubles over the past generation. In the mid-1970s the Continent entered a prolonged era of sluggish job creation, which contrasted with vigorous employment growth in the United States.  And in the 1990s, Europe lagged behind America in the adoption of new technology. For example, in 1997 fewer...(Read Full Article)