Hillary's Oedipal Problem

If you want to know what a Hillary Clinton Administration would be like, her known history is a pretty good indicator. We know a lot bout the woman who now stands a good chance to become the first radical Leftist President of the United States.  As Hillary's long-hidden Wellesley college thesis states: "A Radical is one who advocates sweeping changes in existing laws and methods of government. These proposed changes are aimed at the roots of political problems which in Marxian terms are the attitudes and behaviors of men." (P 10)  Whether Hillary has ever grown beyond her radical past is an open question; she may not know the answer herself. Charles De Gaulle once said that politicians need to lie so much that they can no longer tell when they are telling the truth. Whether Hillary knows when she tells the truth by now is doubtful. You can only play so many roles before getting deeply confused about yourself.   The trouble is that American voters can't...(Read Full Article)