Hillary and Bill Use Alinsky Tactics To Bring Down Obama

Obama was up; now he's down.  Even though Obama seems to be harnessing the South Carolina black vote that will give him that state's delegates, he has been feeling the brunt of the Clintons' mastery of the tactic of  polarization, taught decades ago to Hillary by Saul Alinsky.Obama is being forced into the position of being the black candidate. Successfully polarizing Obama, who has attempted to run as the anti-polarity uniter, a man in the middle, has not been a lazy-day walk in the park for the Clintons, and surely would not have been attempted if Obama hadn't trounced them in Iowa.  Alinsky's 13th rule for radicalsPick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.Saul Alinsky taught his eager disciples that the establishment despised conflict.  He blamed this perverse malady upon the dual forces of organized religion ( those turn-the-other-cheek folks) and the Madison Avenue advertising culture, which he said "emphasizes getting along with people...(Read Full Article)