Hawaii Government Demands Cartoon be Censored

Does free speech exist in Hawaii? A government department of the State of Hawaii is demanding the retraction of a political cartoon published Jan. 18 on the satirical web site http://www.zeroshibai.com/ and reprinted Jan. 21 on http://www.hawaiireporter.com/ The demands come in response to images and text ridiculing the Office of Hawaiian Affairs' Kau Inoa campaign as "Cow Inoa."  Kau Inoa, Hawaiian for "place your name" is building a roll of Hawaiians to participate in a Hawaiian tribal government.  Haunani Apoliona, writing in her capacity as "Chairperson, Board of Trustees, Office of Hawaiian Affairs" (OHA) in a Jan. 24 statement demands: "The cartoon should be pulled and the secret author publicly identified."  OHA's backers are calling and emailing businesses demanding they pull their ads from HawaiiReporter.  Apoliona -- and OHA -- apparently believe the First Amendment has been repealed and government now has the right...(Read Full Article)