Barack, Hillary, Language, and Victory

Political campaigns are fought with the weapon of language.  Barack's campaign uses it as a subtle and surgically-applied force.  Hillary's uses it as a blunt instrument.  Two items from last week's political news illustrate the difference.The Obama campaign ran a 30-second TV ad  in Nevada entitled "Something Is Happening."  The title repeated a theme from his New Hampshire concession speech.  The ad ended with "Si, Se Pueda!" The English translation, "Yes, we can," was used in that same speech in a litany format akin to that of an Old Testament-era antiphonal hymn where the priestly figure speaks varying sentences, after each of which worshippers respond with one repeated sentence-a practice with which many Christian church goers are familiar, particularly among more liturgical congregations. "Si, se pueda" was also the key motivational motto of the movement to organize migrant farm workers led by Cesar...(Read Full Article)