Where the Sightseeing Bus Won't Take You

The holiday season provides a welcome opportunity to get away from the computer screen and explore some of the more obscure vantage points for photographing the stunning geography of the San Francisco Bay Area. Instead of the more serious analytical fare customary for this website, what follows is a series of pictures taken in my exploration of the maritime infrastructure of the East Bay.A subtantial portion of the consumer goods opened as Christmas presents yesterday came in by ship from Asia. And a share of those came in through the ports of San Francisco Bay. Although San Francisco is world famous as a port city, very little cargo moves through it today. When containerization revolutionized the ocean transport business, San Francisco largely opted out. Many of the old piers lining the city's prime waterfront are either rotting, or the objects of developers. A few have already been turned to other use. The Port of Oakland invested heavily in containerization, and now is by far the...(Read Full Article)