Top Advisor's Role Needs Clarification

With less than two weeks to go until the kickoff of the Presidential nominating contests in Iowa, now seems to be a good time to raise an issue that has for the most part, been permitted to slip under the radar of our mainstream media.  I would not even dare venturing a guess as to why this is so, but it's a nagging issue for me as an American citizen, and I would definitely appreciate an answer to this quite relevant, perhaps even crucial, question for Mrs. Clinton.  Exactly, precisely, specifically, down-to-a-t, what would define your husband's access and duties in your Presidency?Bill Clinton is not just any former President.   To this day he has the ignominious distinction of being the only sitting President cited for civil contempt by a federal judge, for lying in a deposition.   Judge Susan Weber Wright, a former student of Bill Clinton's at the University of Arkansas School of Law, authored the citation, even though it must have pained her...(Read Full Article)