If Obama Beats Clinton to the Nomination

If Barack Obama beats Hillary Clinton for the Democrat nomination, will Republicans be ready?  Democrats may eventually decide that Obama is their best candidate (absent Gore) to win the Presidency.  If that happens, the Republicans had better be ready to make the changes necessary to run a radically different campaign, in style and content, against someone they've not spent years preparing -- emotionally and intellectually -- to oppose.If Republican campaigners wake up in a political world where Hillary Clinton is absent, they'd face a new and, in some ways, more formidable opponent -- one made, in part, more formidable by his newness.  Barak Obama would not be as easy to dislike as Hillary Clinton, nor would his candidacy provoke an equal degree of zealous opposition.    Meanwhile, each major Republican contender surely has at least a small team of contingency planners, huddled in a conference room with flipchart paper covering the walls, imagining a...(Read Full Article)