D'Souza's Comeback

In his previous book The Enemy At Home, Dinesh D'Souza advanced the absurd proposal that conservatives ally themselves with moderate Muslims ("traditional" Muslims, in his words) in a united front against Western leftists and radical Muslims.  To quote from his chapter 1 (available online here):   The only way to win the war is to create a wedge between Islamic radicals and traditional Muslims, and to support traditional Islam against radical Islam.   This proposal is rendered null and void by the fact that there does not exist any significant liberal movement within the house of Islam (it exists within some Islamic countries, but not the religion of Islam), and therefore "moderate Muslims" are actually impious Muslims.  That is, they are Muslims who do not follow the actual teachings of the Koran and the other Islamic authorities that the believer is to engage in, or at least support, Jihad to convert the world. And since there is no faction within the...(Read Full Article)