Dear Santa, Send the Dream Team

Dear Santa,This Christmas please send me the Dream Team of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich running together on a new 3rd party ticket -- the Contrarian Party.  I know what you're thinking, Santa.  Your wall-sized media scanner is already picking up enough political white noise from the U.S; why dial up the amps?  But look, Santa, I get more choices for how my chicken gets cooked at KFC than with elephants versus donkeys.  So how about a new batter? I've been thinking, 'cause I know you've got a lot on your mind right now with Global Warming melting your workshop and all, about how you could make this gift happen, this Contrarian Party ticket.  Here's what you do:Dress up Mrs. Claus like Senator Clinton and have her visit NM Governor Bill Richardson on Christmas Eve, pretending to be the Ghost of Christmas Future; you know the story.  Have her tell him to convene a secret meeting between the holidays between Ron and Dennis.  Those two know they have...(Read Full Article)