Christopher Hitchens Says, 'Bah, Hannukah'

Christopher Hitchens has achieved for himself quite a strong position as the American center-right's favorite Trotskyite. To a large extent this is well-earned. Hitch has stood fast in his adamant support for the War on Terror in all its aspects when plenty of fainter hearts far to rightward have fallen into equivocation, second thoughts, and whining. But there is another Hitch, one who defends his remaining hard-left convictions with a vituperation hard to match in the English-speaking media. We usually see this Hitchens when he's writing about religion. Hitch the Rabid was in full display in "Bah, Hannukah" in the December 3 edition of Slate. Having given Christianity a good whipping, he's now out to give the same treatment to Judaism. All on the basis of religious belief, mind you -- Hitchens is a civilized man, with no use for anti-Semitism as such.Hitchens' latest atheist manifesto takes the form of an attack on Rabbi Michael Lerner, the left-wing spokesman and...(Read Full Article)