A Conservative Case for Universal Health Coverage

I am a small-government conservative/libertarian and have hated the concept of socialized medicine almost all my life.  But now, I could live with universal health coverage in the U.S..  Here's why.  We now have the worst of both worlds: we are paying for universal health coverage, but not getting it.  In fact, we pay more for health care in taxes than countries that provide universal coverage.  Then we pay more than that amount again in private coverage.  Additionally, what we have now in the U.S. is nowhere near a free market in health care.  Defending the status quo is not defending a free market.  And if socialized medicine is your fear, we already have it.I've heard no one, on either side of the political spectrum, play up the fact that the government in the U.S. already spends more on health care than almost every other country on earth.  I'm talking government spending, not private spending.  According to the U.S. Statistical...(Read Full Article)