The Nazis and Christianity

My recent American Thinker article "The Godless Delusion" generated a substantial volume of email and comment from atheists.  Although I have directly responded to some of the people, assertions they have made -- some politely and others rudely --  require a detailed response. I have decided to focus on one particular theme that was most common: Many atheists presume that the Nazis were a weird variation of Christianity.  The sources that I use come from very old books, rather than Wikipedia.  I own these books and the books were written during the very years in which Nazism came to power.  The authors of these books came from a wide variety of perspectives -- Christian, Jewish, atheist, Marxist and the like.  Christianity had declined severely in Germany at the time the Nazis came to power, which is why the Nazis were able to come to power.  In his book, The Dictators, Richard Overy states that in the decades preceding the First World...(Read Full Article)