Long Live Sarkozy!

When I saw this video, I stood up in awe and ran downstairs to tell my husband the news:  "France is back!" French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, may have just inadvertently fired another "shot heard around the world," declaring a male revolution against the feminization of politics and media the world over.  Long live Sarkozy!When Leslie Stahl, of 60-Minutes prominence, reduced herself to the level of backyard-fence gossip, and asked the President of France a very unladylike personal question about his private relationship with his wife, the man did the most manly thing I've seen in mixed company in a long, long, long, long time.  He rose, shook the "lady's" hand in perfect gentlemanly fashion, and stripping himself of the microphone, he gallantly walked off the set, leaving Ms. Stahl stunned and possibly a bit breathless.  In so doing, President Sarkozy has earned a bountiful helping of my respect and admiration (not that easy to come...(Read Full Article)