Is Ron Paul Pandering to the Paranoid?

What is it about the candidacy of Ron Paul that has attracted the paranoid fringe of American politics?Clearly, there are Ron Paul supporters who are rational and grounded, not given to spouting conspiracies or blaming "neocons" for everything bad that happens in the world (neocons being a blind for anti-Semitism). For all we know, they may be the majority of his supporters.But just as clearly, there is a dark underbelly to the Paul campaign -- a ruthless, mob of internet ruffians who seek to intimidate those who would dare criticize them, the Paul candidacy, or most especially, one of their pet conspiracy theories about 9/11, the "New World Order" (an amorphous term that generally means the imposition of a one world government), or something as mundane and silly as planting a computer chip in every new born in America.The question isn't whether Ron Paul believes in any of these conspiracy theories, although he has said on at least two occasions that he believes...(Read Full Article)