Inordinate Fear?

An examination of our historical "inordinate fear" of communism might shed some light on what some consider our new inordinate fear of terrorism.  We are now in the middle of the Global War on Terror (or whatever you care to call it), so it is difficult to assess our situation.  Will terrorists obtain nuclear weapons and use them on us?  Or will we sink into continual warfare with a phantom enemy, while losing the very civil rights we claim to fight for?Communism, however, offers us the benefit of hindsight.  Were we right to fear, and fight, communism? Some say no."I've been talking a lot about the parallels between what we're going through now and McCarthyism.  The term 'terrorism' is taking on the same kind of characteristics as the term 'communism' did in the 1950s. It stops people in their tracks, and they're willing to give up their freedoms. People are too quickly panicked." Nadine Strossen, president of the ACLU."We are now...(Read Full Article)