Hillary's Texas Money Bundler

Has the Clinton Campaign cloned another Ms. Chung Seto of NYC Chinatown bundling fame, or a Boss Parr from a long-past Texas Senatorial race?Hillary has a Texas border town bundler, Alonzo Cantu, who, according to the Washington Post, "...persuaded more than 300 people in Hidalgo County, where the median household income in 2006 was $28,660, to write checks ranging from $500 to $2,300 to the senator from New York."  According to the Post, Clinton has raised $640,000 from donors in and around McAllen, the principal city in Hidalgo County, while Obama is running at $2,086.  One donor, Cantu's brother-in-law, is quoted as saying, with a smile, "The last thing you want to do is get on Alonzo's bad side."Cantu's bundling role among a less affluent population is reminiscent of Ms. Seto's fundraising success among waiters and dishwashers in NYC's Chinatown.  Perhaps in the days ahead we'll know if all of Cantu's donors can be found. Or not.Meanwhile,...(Read Full Article)