Where Have All the Peaceniks Gone?

Three days ago we saw the first pictures of Burmese villages being destroyed. We have learned  about the massacres of monks and other civilians peacefully protesting in Myanmar. British PM Gordon Brown said that "the death toll in the Myanmar crackdown to be ‘far greater' than has so far been reported."  That's at least three whole 24-hour news cycles, plenty of time to start a storm of protest. Where is the BBC? The Guardian? Der Spiegel? Der New York Times? Where are all the peaceniks of the Left?  Mother Sheehan, where art thou? As far as I can tell, Burma's fascist massacres of peaceful Buddhist monks has not yet led to a peep from our self-proclaimed peaceniks. Where are they?  Where have all the Buddhists gone?Long time passingWhere have all the Peaceniks gone?Long time agoWhere have all the young monks gone?Gone to graveyards everyoneWhen will they ever learn?When will they ever learn?Over the years many liberal friends have told me...(Read Full Article)