The New American Tyranny: A Prosecutor, the Faculty and Journalists

A review of Until Proven Innocent, by Stuart Taylor and K.C. JohnsonIn one of  the final scenes from Robert Bolt's classic 1966 film: A Man for All Seasons, Thomas More confronts Richard Rich, who has lied about hearing Sir Thomas condemn King Henry the VIII for seeking a divorce. For this statement he never made, More has been sentenced to death. More sees Rich in a new robe and asks him what it represents. Rich responds that he wears the colors of Wales. More tells him that for all God's glory, it is wrong to lie, and then asks: But for Wales?"And what in the end was the motivation for District Attorney Michael Nifong to falsely accuse three innocent Duke lacrosse players of raping a drunken, serial-lying stripper named Crystal Mangum? A bigger pension.  By winning election to a four year term, Nifong put himself in position to enhance his pension by $15,000 a year. Nifong had promised North Carolina Governor Michael Easley that he would not run for a full term at the...(Read Full Article)