The Folly of Deifying Democracy in Iraq

We hear lots of criticism about the Iraq venture from the left, right and center.  There is everything from silly notions about presidential prevarication to how "it is only about oil" to one-world government conspiracy theories. Yet, while military action can rise from policy objectives, it's often ignored that policy objectives tend to rise from the time's prevailing philosophy.  And the truth is that insofar as the war in Iraq has been misguided, the blame can be laid at the feet of the spirit our age.  I speak of a political correctness that would prescribe Western-world solutions to Third World problems. Our problem in Iraq has not been winning the war, but winning the peace.  Toppling Saddam Hussein was easy enough, but toppling the medieval attitudes of a fractious and often ferocious people is a different matter.  And what do we prescribe as a remedy for this malaise?  A dalliance with democracy.President Bush has said that democracies...(Read Full Article)