Let's Talk

Long term victory for conservative ideas means changing the culture. The Democrats will get back into power sooner or later. We want an America in which Democrats no longer want to create huge once-size-fits-all government programs that create widespread dependency on the government.  We want an America where no liberal would think of proposing a nominee like Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the United States Supreme Court.In our vision of America, when someone says: "But people have needs," liberal women like Larry Summers' tormentor Nancy Hopkins will faint away in disbelief if anyone suggests a government program as a response.The future is not won by elections and Supreme Court decisions; it is won by changing the culture.  We are talking about a national conversation."Let's talk," said Hillary Clinton, among others.Last week the British Conservative Party decided to start a national conversation at their annual conference.  The result was a sudden 10...(Read Full Article)