Why We Should Not Arm Saudi Arabia

When one reviews the history of Saudi-American relations, one sees a relationship based not on friendship but on oil for protection and money.  In 1933 when lavish spending King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia signed a concessionary agreement with Standard Oil of California (SOCAL) allowing them to explore Saudi Arabia for oil, he was in dire financial straits and kept demanding more money.  After oil was discovered and developed, the Saudis eventually took over the oil fields.  Their opposition to U.S. support of Israel during the 1973 Arab attempt to annihilate her led them, together with OPEC, to impose an oil embargo on the West. The reason the embargo was ended was not friendship to the West but loss of oil revenue. Perhaps the illusion of a Saudi-American military alliance was created because King Fahd authorized the deployment of U.S. troops there before the Gulf war.  This was a decision based on pragmatism, not friendship, because after Iraq invaded  Kuwait,...(Read Full Article)