Muslims, Footbaths and the Common Good

"Washbasins" (read: Muslim footbaths) are back in the news. These refer in particular to washing stations installed in public restrooms to accommodate the five-times-daily ablutions required for prayer. The website for the Muslim Students' Association's Dearborn campus chapter at the University of Michigan makes great case for "this [publicly-funded] accommodation," for instance, and notes cryptically that "at least 18 other universities around the country [...] have installed foot-washing facilities, including a number of public universities, at least one being in Michigan." But facilities like these may soon be flying off the college campus and into a public venue near you. Foot-washing benches were recently installed at the Kansas City International Airport. And the Hoosier State has announced plans to construct foot-washing stations at Indianapolis International. The Indianapolis Star reports that as part of a $1.07 billion terminal construction...(Read Full Article)