Labor and Leisure

They are having a problem in the old manufacturing city of Milwaukee these days, writes Patrick McIlheran of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Once studded with factories, it's now lined with old, empty buildings along rail lines."Don't worry though.  There are are still plenty of manufacturing jobs in Milwaukee.  They just don't lie along the rail lines any more, but in newer buildings close by. But there's a problem. "Manufacturers have a work force dominated by baby boomers now starting to retire, and they find they cannot get enough replacements, even for jobs requiring no skills." No, this is not an article about immigration.  It is an article about labor efficiency, the famous labor efficiency of the industrial worker that first emerged in Britain in the Industrial Revolution and then assisted the rise of the United States to world power. It wasn't just capitalism and technology that powered the rise of the West.  That's what Gregory Clark...(Read Full Article)