Jimmy Carter's Human Rights Disaster in Iran

In the mid twentieth century, US-Iran relations prospered.  Many Americans celebrated Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as a model king. President Lyndon B. Johnson pronounced in 1964: "What is going on in Iran is about the best thing going on anywhere in the world".During the 1970's Iran's Shah propelled Iran into becoming a dynamic middle-east regional power.  The Shah implemented broad economic and social reforms, including enhanced rights for women, and religious and ethnic minorities.  Economic and educational reforms were adopted, initiatives to cleanse politics of social upheaval were systematized, and the civil service system was reformed.  When sectors of society rioted to demand even greater freedom, the Shah promised constitutional reform to favor democracy.  In the face of Soviet and fundamentalist Islamic pressures, constitutional reform remained on the back burner, as the Shah built what on paper was the world's fifth or sixth largest armed...(Read Full Article)