A Palestinian Star is Born

Why humanize someone with murder in her heart? Why take a child who helps inspire untold numbers of kids to kill innocent other kids and try to make her seem like the girl next door?Just how evil is a society that could raise such children? And why aren't the nations of the supposedly enlightened West and the people of the alleged "religion of peace" doing their utmost to put a stop to this mindset - or at minimum, loudly condemning it?These were some of the questions I had as I shook my head from side-to-side while reading a recent, widely circulated feature story by Dion Nissenbaum of McClatchy Newspapers.The focus of Nissenbaum's article is Saraa Barhoum, the young star of an Arab children's show whose former co-star, a costumed-character closely resembling Mickey Mouse, has gotten most of the spotlight.But for me, the article was more about an American media that has largely spun out of control in its warped determination to make the bad guys and gals of the world seem...(Read Full Article)