The New York Times Reports and Distorts a Presidential Address

" has almost ceased altogether to be a newspaper."-- Renata AdlerOn July 24, around noon, President Bush delivered an important speech at Charleston Air Force Base in South Carolina.  He discussed in considerable detail the links between Al Qaeda in Iraq and the central leadership of Al Qaeda, reflecting the conclusions of the U.S. intelligence community.  About four hours later, the New York Times posted a news story by Times reporter Brian Knowlton about the speech.  It was a good example of straightforward journalism - not something one sees all the time at the Times.  Here are the first three paragraphs from Knowlton's report:"President George W. Bush argued forcefully today that an Al Qaeda-affiliated group in Iraq is linked tightly to the central Al Qaeda leadership, and that for American forces to leave Iraq without defeating the terror group would be "dangerous for the world and disastrous for America.""He made the remarks...(Read Full Article)