Moderate Islam and Its Muslim Enemies

On Sunday, July 15, The Washington Post published a landmark article in its history -- admittedly inconsistent -- of legitimizing radical Islamists.  Signed by staff writer Michelle Boorstein, it was titled "From Muslim Youths, a Push for Change".  The reporter covered a meeting, grandly titled the National Muslim American Youth Summit, and sponsored in Washington over the weekend by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).   As Boorstein noted, MPAC has, of the organizations lobbying in support of Islamist ideology in the U.S., gained the most substantial and consistent access to federal and other government officials.   The Post trumpeted MPAC's role as an advisor to the authorities, describing it as "having the coziest links to law enforcement and the Bush administration among the handful of major Muslim American advocacy groups."MPAC used this inflated view of its clout to arrange meetings between participants in the...(Read Full Article)