Jesus Called it 'Israel'

The Palestinian media say that Jesus was a Palestinian. A Dutch film says the same. Would the so-called "historical" Jesus recognize the label? How did he refer to his homeland, even under Roman occupation? Clarity and historical accuracy, not politics, is the purpose of this article.Here are the basic facts, in all the New Testament references that name Jesus' country. If the readers would like to look up the references, they are encouraged to go to Bible Gateway, create another window, and type in the references as needed. They can also type in wider references to see a single verse in context.What would Jesus say?Often in published versions of the Bible, the words of Jesus are put in red font in the four Gospels and in other parts of the New Testament when his words are being quoted or he speaks in a vision that a follower may have. Many regard his specific words as extra-special. Here they are, in the following references. The two slashes indicate a parallel passage in...(Read Full Article)