Al Gore Goes Elmer Gantry

Albert Gore, Jr.  has finally found his calling. After flunking out of Vanderbilt* Divinity School, following Dad into the family business (a US Senate seat from Tennessee), finally discovering a Woman's Right to Choose and becoming the Clintons' Veep; after refusing for weeks to concede Florida to George W. Bush in 2000, thereby envenoming the Bush presidency from day one; after sulking and bulking up for years and accusing Mr. Bush of "playing on our fears," an ever more corpulent Mr. Gore has discovered his vocation in life as the Prophet of Planetary Doom, jetting high over our heads predicting hell and damnation for billions of sinners enjoying their simple lives below. Unfortunately, Planetary Doom is Sci Fi. But faith can move mountains, and by comparison to mountains, aging rock singers are much easier to lead by the nose. The result of all the hoo-hah was the eminently forgettable Live Earth extravaganza, which just flopped like a beached Great White...(Read Full Article)