Who's Alone, Senator Clinton?

Conservatives have responded with outrage at Hillary Clinton's denunciation of American society (under Republicans) as one where you are "on-your-own" in a speech last week.And well they might, for she tells a narrative about an America they never heard of.Senator Clinton reminded her listeners at Manchester School for Technology about the United States of a century ago before progressives began their reforms.  She told them it was a land of corporate monopolies, corrupt government, women without votes, workers without rights, "a country filled with haves and have nots -- and not enough people in between."In what way, we might ask, was this different from 1800, or 800, or 800 BCE?  It was different in a curious way, a way that Senator Clinton from her Olympian height, apparently can't discern.The so-called haves of 1900, lest we forget, were men like John D. Rockefeller, son of a traveling salesman, Andrew Carnegie, son of an impoverished weaver, and...(Read Full Article)